Macinaggio, marina of the Cap Corsica, is, because of its geographical situation ” at the end of this finger turned to the sea ” the first stopover of Corsica, in front of the Toxan Artchipel, the close neighbours of which are the Capraia and the Elba Islands.

An island confides by its coast, according to stopovers which invite to vary the pleasures so much relaxation of discovery as hobbies. Here in Corsica, when the mediterrannean becomes Ligure sea, then Tyrrhenian one, when we cross the Channel of Corsica, we approach the coast of Corsica by the North to discover the Cap Corse and its marina Macinaggio which deploy their inmost wealth. Earth of the sailors, Corsica Cape is a country to him alone. He receives tens of Universe. Every stopover is a new journey, a new discovery. Savage and protected, he has a taste of unique authenticity.

Already known from Greek, Roman one, Sarazins and genoas, the bay of Macinaggio, natural shelter, was naturally intended to be a port. Of trade, fishing and serviceman, its activity evolved at the rate of the times, until turn the corner of the modernity and take the opportunity of the development of the yachting. Macinaggio is the maritime facade of the municipality of Rogliano. This village hung on hillside, rooted in lands, still shows its splendor of historic capital of Corsica cap and summarizes according to its hamlets rich in heritage, the so  characteristic story of this terroir, this earth opened on the sea. Its parochial church is the only one in Corsica to possess a chapel completely dedicated to the sailors, which abounds of exvoto. Napoleon Bonaparte, Pascale Paoli and empress Eugénie count among its illustrious hosts.

The closeness of french coast and italian favored the exchanges and has fashioned open-minded men and women to simplicity and a sens of the hospitality, appropriate to cap corsins. This country of sailers, proud of their identity, their culture, the beauty of their territoryn, attached to their village of mountain, offers an exceptional route between sea and earth. Everything, here retains the look and suggests in to make discoveries. So, it is necessary to take time to marry this magnificent site and not peck at one of the jewels of the Island of Beauty.

The municipality of Rogliano, by developing its marina, marked the economy, the history, the culture and the heritage of the Cap Corse. Excellent mediterranean stopover, Macinaggio knew how to combine all the conditions to make it inescapable and unforgettable. Then as Hervé Bazin, we shall say, from port to port, of quay in quay, “if ever you go in Corscia, if you intend to spend a season there, retain the name of Rogliano” and its port Macinaggio.