Macinaggio, the marina of Cap Corse, is, due to its geographical location "at the end of this finger turned towards the sea", the first port of call of Corsica, facing the Tuscan Archipelago, whose nearest islands are the island of Capraia and the island of Elba.

An island is discovered by its coastline, through stops that invite you to vary the pleasures of relaxation, discovery and leisure. Here in Corsica, when the Mediterranean becomes Ligurian and then Tyrrhenian, when you pass through the Corsican Channel, you approach the coasts from the north, which unfold their intimate riches and to discover the Cap Corse and its marina, Macinaggio. Land of the Seafarers, the Cap Corse is a country unto itself. It contains dozens of worlds. Each stopover is a new journey, a new discovery. Wild and preserved, it has a unique taste of authenticity.

Already known to the Greeks, Romans, Saracens and Genoese, the bay of Macinaggio, a natural shelter, was naturally destined to be a port. From trade, fishing and militaryIts activity has evolved with the times, until it reached the stage of modernity and seized the opportunity of the development of yachting.

Macinaggio is the maritime façade of the commune of Rogliano. This village, clinging to the mountainside, rooted in the land, still displays its splendour as the historical capital of the Cap Corse and sums up, through its hamlets, rich in heritage, the history so characteristic of this territory, this land open to the sea. Its parish church is the only one in Corsica to have a chapel entirely dedicated to sailors and is full of ex-votos. Napoleon Bonaparte, Pascal Paoli and the Empress Eugenie are among its illustrious guests.

The proximity of the French and Italian coasts has favoured exchanges and shaped men and women with an open-mindedness, simplicity and a sense of hospitality, typical of the Corsican capes. This land of sailors, proud of their identity, their culture, the beauty of their territory, attached to their mountain village, offers an exceptional itinerary between sea and land. Everything here catches the eye and invites discovery. So, it is necessary to take time to marry this magnificent site and not to pick up one of the jewels of the island of Beauty.

The commune of Roglianoby developing its marina, has left its mark on the economy, history, culture and heritage of the Cap Corse. Mediterranean stopover of excellence, Macinaggio has managed to bring together all the conditions to make it unmissable and unforgettable. So, like Hervé Bazin, we will say from port to port, from quay to quay: "if you ever go to Corsica, if you plan to spend a season there, remember the name of Rogliano" and its Macinaggio port!